Electronic Keybaord

Portability : Keyboards are often smaller and lighter than traditional pianos, making them a great choice for musicians who need to travel or have limited space.

Versatility : Keyboards offer a wide range of sounds and styles, from acoustic piano to electronic synthesizer, making them a versatile instrument.

Affordable : Keyboards are often more affordable than traditional pianos, making them accessible to a wider range of people.

Learning : The keyboard is a great instrument for beginner and intermediate musicians to learn, with many educational features such as lessons, scales, and chord progressions.

MIDI Capability : Most keyboards today have MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) capability, which allows them to be connected to computers, digital audio workstations, and other electronic music devices.

Home Recording : Keyboards are often used in home recording setups and can be used to produce music in a variety of styles.

Dynamic Range : Keyboards often have a wide dynamic range, allowing for a variety of sounds and volume levels.

Durability : Keyboards are often built with more durable materials than traditional pianos, making them a good choice for heavy use and transport.

In Pavo School of Music we offer KEYBOARD lessons following both Trinity and Abrsm syllabus and we provide instruments during class hours.

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