Versatility : The guitar can play a wide range of musical styles, from classical to rock to folk, making it a versatile instrument.

Portability : Guitars are small and lightweight, making them easy to carry and play anywhere, whether on stage or in a park.

Affordability : Guitars come in a variety of price ranges, making them accessible to musicians of all levels and budgets.

Learning : The guitar is a popular instrument for beginners, with many educational resources and lessons available online and in person.

Collaboration : The guitar is often used in group settings, making it a great choice for musicians looking to play with others.

Expression : The guitar's ability to produce different sounds and styles makes it a versatile instrument for emotional expression.

Cultural Significance : The guitar has a rich cultural history and has been featured in countless iconic pieces of music.

Home Recording : Guitars are often used in home recording setups and can be used to produce music in a variety of styles.

In Pavo School of Music we offer GUITAR lessons following both Trinity and Abrsm syllabus and we provide instruments during class hours.
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