Qualification: Trinity Grade 8 Classical Guitar, Grade 8 Acoustic Guitar, Theory of Music Experience : 12+ years of teaching experience, all ages and levels. Specializations: Classical Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Music Production

With over 15+ years of teaching experience, Ganesh has successfully mentored students of all ages and skill levels. As a Managing Director of PAVO SCHOOL OF MUSIC , he has started his music journey from the age of 8 with full of enthusisam. He is a dedicated and passionate instructor. He has been involved in teaching Guitar and Music theory to students of diverse backgrounds and ages. He has a dynamic and engaging teaching style that keeps his students motivated and excited to learn.


Qualification: Trinity Grade 8 Pianist , Grade 8 Western vocalist & Grade 8 Theory of music Experience : Over 5 years, all ages and levels. Specializations: Classical piano,Western Singing, Music theory, sight-reading

CHRISHO has worked with students of all ages and proficiency levels, ranging from beginners to advanced musicians. His versatility and adaptability make him a sought-after instructor for both young learners and seasoned players looking to refine their skills and his performance experience is equally impressive. He has been featured in numerous recitals and concerts, including solo performances with local orchestras.


Qualification: Trinity Grade 8 Violin, Grade 8 Theory of music Experience : Over 12 years, all ages and levels. Specializations: Classical Violin, Orchestral Performance, Violin Repertoire

Emilian Fernandes has been teaching violin for over 20 years and has a deep passion for nurturing young talents and guiding advanced students. His expertise lies in teaching students of all ages and skill levels. He has experience coaching students for auditions and competitions.He also enjoys guiding students through chamber music repertoire.

His teaching approach is disciplined and detail-oriented, with an emphasis on developing strong technique and musicality. He inspires his students to strive for excellence in their playing. He believes in building a strong technical foundation while fostering a love for music and a sense of musical expression in his students.

In addition to the cinema field, he has played many light classical pieces for violin with piano accompaniment like Minuet in G, Minuet in A, Hungarian Dance etc. And also played Viola in Madras Chamber Orchestra. He played in more than 500 movies for Ilayaraja as well as for AR Rahaman movies such as Roja, Chinna chinna aasai and so on. He believes in creating a supportive and collaborative learning environment for his students.


Qualification: M A Carnatic Music & Venna Experience :, 8+ years of teaching experience, all ages from beginner to advanced level. Specializations: Carnatic music, Voice culture, Devotional Music

Kamalambigai specializes in teaching Carnatic vocal music, focusing on Kritis and devotional songs. She has completed her MASTERS in CARNATIC MUSIC & VEENA with Distinction. She holds the GOLD MEDALIST record while pursuing her bachelor's degree. She provides expert guidance on voice culture, enabling her students to develop a clear and resonant vocal tone. She trains her students to prepare for boards such as CHIDAMBARAM ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY, TAMIL UNIVERSITY and so on.

Kamalambigai’s teaching approach is nurturing and individualized, tailoring lessons to suit each student's learning style and pace. Her teaching expertise includes Carnatic vocal music, with a focus on Manodharma (creative expression) and Bhajans (devotional songs) . Expert in teaching different styles of compositions, including Varnams, Keerthanams, and Padams, from various composers.


Qualification: Grade 8 Carnatic Vocalist Experience : 5+ years of teaching, all ages from beginner to advanced level. Specializations: Carnatic Vocal, Ragas, Talas, Devotional Music

Soundarya specializes in teaching Carnatic vocal music, guiding students through the intricacies of various ragas and talas. Soundarya is skilled at coaching students in Manodharma Sangita, encouraging them to improvise and add their artistic touch to the compositions they perform .She trains her students to prepare for boards such as CHIDAMBARAM ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY, TAMIL UNIVERSITY and so on.

She has participated in several television shows such as Super Singer, Sun singer, Jaya star singers and some other special shows. She has also performed more than 500+ carnatic stage shows & light music stage shows. Actively involved in organizing music festivals and events, providing students with valuable performance opportunities. Soundarya imparts valuable insights into the subtleties of the art form, guiding students to achieve a heightened level of musical expression and emotional depth in their performances.


Qualification: Trinity Grade 8 Pianist, Grade 8 Theory of music & Certified Audio Engineer Experience : Over 15 years, all ages and levels. Specializations: Jazz piano repertoire, Music theory , Audio Engineer, Music Production.

He has completed his AUDIO ENGINEER program mainly focussed on music production. He has a passion for sharing his knowledge with aspiring audio professionals and guiding them towards successful careers in the industry.He worked on various projects, including music recordings, film soundtracks, and live events, providing him with valuable real-world experience to share with his students.


Qualification: Trinity Grade 8 Keyboard, Grade 8 Theory of music Experience : Over 12 years, all ages and levels. Specializations: Classical & jazz, rock & pop, Contemporary styles.

Benny's teaching approach is student-centered and adaptive characterized by patience, encouragement, and a strong focus on individual student needs. He emphasizes building strong foundational skills, such as hand positioning, finger dexterity, and understanding music theory relevant to keyboard playing. He trains his students to prepare for International boards such as TRINITY, ABRSM , LCM & ROCK SCHOOL OF MUSIC exams with outstanding results.His lessons involve interactive games, movement, and singing, creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere for young students.


Qualification: Trinity Grade 8 Pianist , Grade 8 Western vocalist, Music Production, AmusTCL Diploma In Composition Experience : Over 5 years, all ages and levels. Specializations : FILM SCORE COMPOSER, ARRANGER, SINGER, SONG WRITER, OPERATIC TENOR

Raghavendhira is a highly experienced vocal coach with over 9 years of teaching at top conservatories and music institutions.He Has Been Teaching Music For The Past 9 Years And Has Guided Several Students To Take Up The Graded Exams From The Associated Boards Of Royal Schools Of Music,London. (ABRSM) And Trinity College London. His expertise lies in opera and classical vocal technique, and he has a deep understanding of the nuances required for performing in these genres. His extensive performing background in music productions and musical theater gives him a wealth of practical knowledge to share with his students.

His Notable Works Include Background Scores In The Movies Ratchasan, Adhiran Etc. He Had Collaborated With A Number Of Composers In Kollywood Including Ghibran, C.Sathya And Vishal Chandrasekhar. His Experimental Compositional Style Includes More Of Jazz And Atonal Elements. Specialize in teaching vocal techniques for popular and rock genres, including belting, riffing, and microphone technique, along with helping students find their unique vocal style.


Poonam greets all visitors and students with a warm smile at "PAVO SCHOOL OF MUSIC ." She handles phone calls and email inquiries, assisting parents and students with enrollment procedures, and providing information on various music programs and class schedules.In addition to overseeing the front office staff, she collaborates with the school's management team to implement new policies and improve operational efficiency. Poonam also handles student enrollment and actively engages with prospective students and their families.


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